Hi, I'm Matt Vickers.

I'm a New York-based product manager, business analyst, developer, and writer.

I'm interested in business and finance, good design, patient rights, and literature.

My first book, Lecretia's Choice, tells the story of my late wife's challenge to change the law in New Zealand around assisted dying.

It was published in August 2016 by Text Publishing.

I have spoken and written widely on the subject of assisted dying.

You can read more about Lecretia on our website, her Facebook page and follow the ongoing campaign on Twitter.

I currently work at Xero as the head of our product globalisation efforts.

Previously I was responsible for integrations with Xero's banking partners. A couple of years ago I managed their mobile products as well.

Before that, I was a Business Analyst with Xero, and before that, I worked as a Web Developer in the Wellington design industry.

You can contact me at I'm also on Twitter, LinkedIn and Goodreads.